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MQUPIN Bird Toy Parrot Toy Made with Nature Wood

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Price: $ 19.89
  • Necessary grinding beak toy - Chewing toys are a necessity for parrots in cage. Lonely parrots are easy to get sick both mentally and physically. Pet parrot chewing toy can help attract parrots’ attention and interest of playing and help parrots to preen and condition their beak, because if her beak is long, which will harm her health.

  • Safe materials - Parrot chewing toy is made of food grade pigment, nature wood and sturdy metal chain connection, completed with purely handmade which are more bite resistant and durable.

  • Unique design - Biting and climbing are birds' instincts. This product has several distinctive shapes and wooden beads with vibrant colors which connected with the metal chain, and also multiple layers encourage parrot to climb and explore. These knots are not easy to open, so she will remain interested.

  • Easy to install - It's convenient to put on these toys in the cage. Make your bird cage into a Bird Playground or Bird Gym. A Great Gift for the Bird Lover in Your Life.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee - We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and quality customer service. Please contact us with any questions and we will help you all the time.



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