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MQUPIN Hamster Hanging Bed Hammock Toy Cage

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Price: $ 14.99
  • KEEP WARM: Being made of short plush,hamster hammock are nice cozy beds for your pets,keep them warm and happy through out whole winter

  • PERFECT FOR CAGES: Matched with metal hooks,hamster hammock can be hung in the cages conveniently.You can decorate your pets’little home to ring fun and warmth to them

  • UNIQUE SHAPES: Hamster hanging bed is designed like a stump with holes for your pets to get in and out.And there’s a long tunnel,more like their natural homes.Small animal will find comfort staying in

  • SUITABLE FOR MORE PETS: Such as hamsters,sugar glider,guinea pig,hedgehog.Please check if the size fit firstly

  • NICE GIFT FOR YOUR ANIMALS: Comfortable hammock toy provides your small animal with a nice and warm place for sleeping in autumn and winter;very convenient use.

Hamster Hammock

hamster toys


  • Super warm toys,nice and cozy bed for you pets.They will love spending their time in them.

  • Perfect for cages.Matched with metal hooks,perfect hanging toys in the cage,can be installed and removed very easily

  • Lovely decorations for their lovely home,make their cage warm and cozy and beautiful this winter.

  • These products are better hand washed to protect the metal hooks.

Product Description:

  • Size: 17cm(L)*24cm(W)

  • Material:Short Plush

  • Color :Brown Pets

  • Recommended:hamsters/sugar glider/guinea pig/hedgehog

  • Package List: 1*Pet Stump

Product Details

Hamster Hammock

Hamster Hammock

Hamster Hammock

Soft Fleece Material

Cute design; hamster hammock can provide warm sleeping place for your lovely pet

More Openings

Hamster Hammock have 2 Small holes(1.97") for your furry friend to poke his happy head through; so your pet cannot feel lonely

Metal Hook

with 2pcs metal clips; you can hang the hammock in the pet cage; it can be positioned safely to any wire pet house

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