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MQUPIN Pet Hammock Hamster Hanging Toys Pet Cage

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Price: $ 16.89
  • CSWJBN-3
  • Perfect for Cages: All these 3 wooden toys have buckles on them,perfectly fit rodents cages ,you can hang them on the cage conveniently and you can have options on where to hang or how to hang it

  • Multiple Use:You pets can play with these toy,have fun with the swing,they can also sleep in the hammock where they will be warm with a small mat.These wooden toys are also their favorite to chew

  • Beautiful Outlook:These cute toys are colorful,these toys have multiple colors and elegant outlook.They are not just toys ,they are also a great decoration in your pet’s lovely home

  • Suitable for Small Animals:This set of toys fits not only hamsters,but also rats,gliders and so on.And they are also suitable for some birds like parrot. Please check if the size is suitable for your pet or not

  • Package Includes:1* pet ladder,1* pet swing,1* pet hammock,1*small mat.NOTE: the mat color sent out by random

Hammock Hamster

NOTE:The hammock hamster toy is only suitable for small rodents or medium-sized rodents in their childhood. In order to provide a perfect toy for your pet, please check the size of the toy carefully.

Hammock Hamster

Hammock Hamster

Hammock Hamster

Hammock Hamster

Pet Swing

Multicolor design; hammock hamster can easily attract small pets’ attention to swing

release your hamster's nature of climbing and chewing, also good for its health.

Pet Tunnel Bed & Pad

Hammock hamster offers a funny and cozy place for playing and sleeping

Suitable for Hamster, Sugar Glider, Chinchilla, Squirrel, Parrot and other small pets.

Note:The color of the mat is random.

Pet Ladder

Natural wooden with colorful bead; Hammock hamster promote exercise and help to improve coordination and balance skills

Easy to use

Hammock hamster attaches easily to any metal cage with metal snap slips.


  • Item Name: Pet Toy

  • Material: Wood + Metal + Straw + Cotton

  • Features: Colorful Beads, Hamster Ladder/Swing/Hammock Toy, Pet Supplies, Bite-resistant

  • Ladder Size: 11.8" x 2.36"/30cm x 6cm(Approx.)

  • Swing Size: 4.33" x 3.54" x 6.69"/11cm x 9cm x 17cm (Approx.)

  • Hammock Size:4.72" x 3.94" x 10.2"/ 12cm x 10cm x 26cm (Approx.)

  • Package Includes: 1 x Climbing Ladder; 1 x Swing; 1 x Hammock; 1 X Small Mat

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