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MQUPIN Pet Sling,Pet Carrier Dog Cat

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Made of handpicked durable striped cotton and 3D interlayer ionic space cotton
Enclosed design can keep warm, sheltering pets from light, wind and rain
Hands-free sling feature is perfect for daily use, walking, cycling, traveling and other outdoor activities
Large free space (size: 14” x 11” x 5”), wide-brimmed straps, strengthen the ductility around the bag, making pets change their position during their rest.
Price: $ 29.99 / CWBB
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  • UPC-779186450618
  • 440 G
  • 44*28*8.2 CM


You’ll NEVER have to WORRY about your best friend getting tired of walking because now he can rest comfortably inside the puppy sling while you carry on with your walk. The pet sling can be used in shops, trains, buses and the best thing is that you have your HANDS FREE. This pet sling carrier will make your life easier by coming in handy in those moments when you don't want to leave your four legged friend alone in the house.


Material: striped cotton + 3D inter-layer ionic space cotton.

Size: 28cm * 13cm * 36cm

Soft, warm and durable, easy to clean.

Keep your little pet safe and comfortable when traveling outside with this pet sling carrier bag

Ergonomic design - high wearing comfort thanks to individual adjustment and padded shoulder strap. Breast and abdomina lbelt help to spread the load even better, so you can carry the animal easily and comfortably.

Suitable for: Cats, Little Pinscher,Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Spitz, Mini Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer,

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