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MQUPIN artificial flowers

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◈ Flower arrangement: Artificial roses are 10 packs of individual silk roses with bendable stems and delicate leaves; all are packed in cartons.

Focus on the details: The petals and leaves of the artificial rose are made of soft silk fabrics, making your flower crafts light and easy to take care of; the large and colorful flowers are a stunning choice for your Valentine's art projects.


◈ Flexible and durable long stem: Each artificial flower is equipped with a thorny plastic stem (20.5 inches long); the stem has a metal wire inside, so it is easy to cut or curl, but it is strong enough to make a wreath or center pendulum Decorated.


◈Easy and tidy version with real touch: MQ high-end silk rose has an appropriate size, with a diameter of 3.9 inches (about 9.9 cm). The silk fabric is easy to care for and has a long-lasting appearance. It is a reusable replacement.


◈ Multifunctional artistic rose: 4 universal colors to choose from, suitable for your artificial rose props, vases, bridal bouquets or tablecloths; light roses and flexible stems are easy to shape various objects, such as cake decoration, DIY Hair accessories.


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