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MQUPIN fish scale scraper

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Price: $ 7.5
  • YLG
  • 16*5*4.2

* Fish-shaped cleaning tool-Our product is a special cleaning tool designed with fish theme, cute and novel.

* There is a transparent lid design-after scraping off the scale, you can open the back cover and pour out the proportions. Very practical and easy to clean.


* High quality-using high-quality ABS and AS materials, durable and long service life.


* Convenient storage-There is a hole on the back of the fish tail, you can hang it on the wall when you are not using it. save space.


* Quickly remove scales cleaner-Compared with traditional knives, our products can remove scales as quickly as possible. More importantly, it is very safe and will not damage your hands. You can use it with confidence.


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